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Health Services

The free of charges heath services offered by the government covered all the country and the health care private companies as well. There as been signed with most of the European countries reciprocals agreements for the health care services to foreigners, in this cases, the client as to pay a fee when attending the Health care clinics. This agreement is also valid for Açores and Madeira territories. All of those who would like to use this service must inform the doctor before the consultation or treatment. The National Health Care in Portugal is owned by the Health Department from the Government. The contribution for this Department is instantly deduced from the salaries of the workers. All the citizens cover by the general regime as the right to health care services. Soon after the admission of an employee, is automatically issued a “Livrete de Assistência Médica” by the Health centre, from the Regional Health Department or by the employer. It could also be contacted, for further information, the Regional departments of Social Security ? CRSS or the International Relations and Social Conventions Department. EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS SOS 112 Red Cross 21 771 4000 Poison and Intoxication Line 21 795 0143 Fire Department 21 342 2222 Civil Protection 21 424 7100

Cruz Vermelha 21 771 4000
Linha de intoxicações e venenos 21 795 0143
21 342 2222
21 424 7100