Carlos Reis & Reis


A Carlos Reis & Reis reconhece a existência de cinco principais áreas de responsabilidade:

  • Carlos Reis & Reis acknowledge the existence of five main responsibility areas: a) To partners Protecting their investment and assuring suitable rent ability levels. b) To Clients Obtaining and maintaining the support of the clients, through the development and supply of services of increased value, in terms of cost, quality, security, supported by professional tecnics, commercial and environmental suitable. c) With our Collaborators By respecting the human rights of our collaborators, assuring that they have the best and saver work conditions, as well as the best contractual conditions and the most competitive, promoting the human development and the best use of all their potential as well as the same job opportunities always encouraging their involvement in the planning and orientation of their own work and in the application of this principles inside the company. It is well known that the success of a company depends on the contribution of the collaborators. d) With those with whom we have commercial relations In searching to obtain a relationship that is mutually advantageous with supplier and in the “joint ventures”, and in doing so, to promote the application of those principles. The capacity of promoting effectively this principles will be an important factor in the decision of beginning or to stay in this relationship. e) With the society To conduce the business as members integrant and responsible of the society, respecting the law, expressing the support for the fundamental human rights, in line with the legal function of the business, e paying the necessary attention to the health padron, security and environment protection, according to the commitment in contributing to a sustained development. This five areas of responsibility are understood as inseparable. So, is the duty of all the collaborators to continually evaluate the priorities and to comply with their responsibilities as well as their judgement allowed.