Carlos Reis & Reis

About Us

A Carlos Reis & Reis it’s a decentralized new company with a rank of freedom in action on our activities. Nevertheless Carlos Reis & Reis reputation is a common ground. To preserve this reputation is our main objective.

We are judged by the way we act. Our reputation will be protected as long as we act with honesty and integrity in conducting all our activities and if in all occasions we do what is right, in the legal function of our business.

A nossa reputação será protegida, se actuarmos com honestidade e com integridade na condução de todas as nossas actividades e se em todas as ocasiões fizermos o que pensamos estar correcto, dentro da legítima função do negócio.

Carlos Reis & Reis has as main values honesty, integrity and respect for people. We truly believe in the fundamental importance of promoting trust, open mind, team work and professionalism, and in being proud in what one does.

The values underlying our condition as a company determine our principles, witch applies to every transaction, independent of its dimension, and describe the behaviour that is expected from all our employees in conducting their professional activities.

At the same time the application of this principles on Carlos Reis & Reis is supported by procedures conceived in a way of guarantee that all our collaborators understood our principles and act according to them. We recognize to be of vital importance that our behaviour is according to our intentions.

All the elements of this structure, i.e., the values, the principles and respective procedures are necessary.

Carlos Reis & Reis recognize to be crucial for the growth and continued success of our company to maintain the trust of our collaborators, clients and other people with witch we maintain commercial relations, as well as the community were our activities are developed.

Pretendemos ser merecedores desta confiança, actuando com os padrões estabelecidos nos nossos princípios. Estes princípios têm orientado a Carlos Reis & Reis desde o seu início. É responsabilidade de todos os níveis de gestão assegurar que todos os colaboradores conhecem estes princípios e se comportam com os espírito e a letra desta declaração.