Carlos Reis & Reis


Rentability is the essential conditions for the fulfilment of this responsibilities and to the continuation of the business. It’s a measure, such of efficiency as much as the value given by the clients of Carlos Reis & Reis. It is also essential to the suitable attribution of the company resources and necessary to support the continuous investment, indispensable to the development of the services capable of satisfying the necessities of the client. Without profit and without a strong financial structure, it wouldn’t be possible to comply with the responsibilities mentioned earlier.

Business Principles Declaration

This document reassures the general principles of the business that should be guided by the company Carlos Reis & Reis.

Carlos Reis & Reis has as main values honesty, integrity and respect for people. We truly believe in the fundamental importance of promoting trust, open mind, team work and professionalism, and in being proud in what one does.

The values underlying our condition as a company determine our principles, witch applies to every transaction, independent of its dimension, and describe the behaviour that is expected from all our employees in conducting their professional activities.

At the same time the application of this principles on Carlos Reis & Reis is supported by procedures conceived in a way of guarantee that all our collaborators understood our principles and act according to them. We recognize to be of vital importance that our behaviour is according to our intentions.

All the elements of this structure, i.e., the values, the principles and respective procedures are necessary.

Carlos Reis & Reis recognize to be crucial for the growth and continued success of our company to maintain the trust of our collaborators, clients and other people with witch we maintain commercial relations, as well as the community were our activities are developed.