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Portugal Companies

Application for the Certificate of Admissibility of the firm and the Provisional Identification Card

All those who wish to establish a company in Portugal must request a Certificate of Admissibility of a company or corporate name and the Provisional Identity Card. in National Registry of Legal Persons . The process for the name of the legal person must comply with the following requirements: The name of the company and two alternative names should be proposed; The company name should: Reflect the activities that the company intends to perform; Do not be fallacious about the activities you propose to undertake; Do not be liable to confusion with another name of legal entity already registered. All names of registered legal persons benefit from the principle of exclusivity in Portuguese territory. After approval of the name of legal person, the Registry shall issue a registration certificate together with a provisional Identification Card. Public Deed Marking Marking of the Public Deed, with Notary Office, for which the following documents must be presented: Certificate of Admissibility of the company; Provisional Identity Card; Photocopy of the identity documents of the grantors; Report of the Statutory Auditor for entries in goods other than cash; Celebration of Public Deed Creation of company statutes and celebration of public deed. The statutes must be signed and sealed by the notary. The deed may be replaced by the execution of a private deed if the company is held only by a person and whose capital is fully paid in cash or assets. Statement of Commencement of Activity Once the deed , the company must be registered with the finances. The registration must include the signature of the auditor / accountant responsible for the accounts of the company. Should the declaration of commencement of activity be made to the DGCI? Directorate-General for Taxes Business Registration of the Company The following registrations / announcements should be made: Business Registry; Advertising in the Journal of the Republic; Register with RNPC? National Registry of Legal Entities. Social Security The company must also be registered with the Social Security services. Company registration , with the Competition Authority or the respective departments of the Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Economy. .